Research Developer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
Research developers interact closely with researchers and portfolio managers to identify problems and create solutions that respond to the challenges of optimizing computational efficiency and scale.
Our team is ambitious and passionate; the environment is collaborative and fast-paced. Your ideas are made better simply because of the talent you are surrounded by.

Your Role

? Improve the design, scalability, and resilience of core research and production systems
? Focus on transparency and ease-of-use to design clean, safe, and usable interfaces
? Code using primarily Python (and some C#)
? Build distributed computing systems for complex research tasks
? Build data analysis tools to comb through millions of rows of data

What You'll Bring

? BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, or other technical discipline
? Extensive programming experience, with demonstrated exposure to multiple languages
? Strong quantitative and problem solving skills
? Ability to discuss and explain involved concepts in both oral and written form
? Strong SAT (or equivalent) scores and GPA

Hope You Have

? Experience with Python
? Experience with quantitative libraries (NumPy, SciPy, pandas, QuantLib) By the way, PANDAS were created by our team.
? Demonstrated contributions to open-source software

Who You Are

? Mature and thoughtful, with the ability to operate within a collaborative, team-oriented culture
? Commitment to intellectual integrity with high degree of ethics
? Hard working and eager to learn in a highly intellectual, innovative environment
? Well- organized, detail- oriented and strong communication skills; able to multi-task and keep track of various deadlines
? Energized by the ability to have impact through the use of technology

Don't Be Fooled

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